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Commentary: Robert Reich’s “Why Public Education is More Important Than Wall Street…”

I commend Mr. Reich’s reminder that public education is the “engine of human capital.” As I have mentioned in an earlier post, the role of a free and public education is an essential component to this country’s success. Indeed, without a free and public education, this country and its citizenry stray dangerously into a culture where both the present and future worlds are instantly more dreary.

It is in recognition of public education’s great importance that Mr. Reich bases his call for greater financial assistance. While this is a noble claim, I have to assert a re-consideration of his claims and request instead a more efficient system of education from which our funds are better utilized and our students more realistically prepared for society.

Let us choose instead financial conservatism. Let us pause to re-consider and remember that our power lies not in our pocket books but in our brains. We need to audit our entire system and evaluate the modern resources that can revolutionize our education system. Education must extend beyond the brick-and-mortar classroom. Online education can provide a quality education and a significantly reduced cost for communities currently struggling under economic turmoil.

Mr. Reich suggests that more be done to improve our education system. Yes, more must be done, but let us recognize where our energy and capital is best served. We do not need greater spending; instead, we need a greater recognition of the changes of our contemporary society and the forms in which we can update our education system to utilize these resources. Let us start by expanding online education and seriously considering the role that education plays within our world.

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