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The LMS: Dinosaur Extraordinaire

The Learning Management System or LMS for those inside the inside is an issue of increasing debate in online education. How should the online classroom be organized? What type of software should unite and unify the students within the educational realm? Is a single piece of unifying software necessary or can this same task be accomplished through the use of multiple pieces of software. Of course both formats can exist; students can learn using whatever software is presented to them and ultimately if the goal of education is accomplished best in this avenue than so be it. In my opinion, the issue boils down to a single source of contention (and one that online learning should more closely embrace): cost effectiveness.

Is it cheaper for a school to use a varied cadre of free-ware? Does the use of a single platform or LMS significantly increase the cost of operating? Well…yes. A school that is forced to comply with the limitations and costs of a LMS enter into a world of middle-man nightmare. No longer is the ideal relationship of student-teacher allowed to maintain with a common goal of learning. With the LMS the relationship is altered, now the software provider enters the fray and hovers over the school with an invested interest. Is the software being utilized correctly? Is the LMS being utilized in a fashion that will allow for further growth and expansion. The introduction of the LMS instigates a conflict of interests. I say ditch the LMS and adopt a policy of “whatever works best works for me.”

I call for an embrace of freeware. No longer do we need an LMS to guide the educational process. Administrators and teachers should be tasked with locating the best resources for their students. As an educator in the field there are fantastic resources at my disposal and anything that improves the student experience is a worthy focus. The LMS is a dinosaur of limitation- let’s ditch it and evolve.

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