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The Role of “Expert”

Human perceptions are inherently limited. We function only on the basis of what we know and what we can perceive. That which is new is framed in consideration of what is old and learning, occuring therein, is dependent on our ability to compile new information to our life’s archive of information.

If this is true, which of course is up for debate because it is a personal perspective, than what can be said of our terms of “genius” and “expert”?

Again, an exploration of my personal semantics. The perception of the “expert” or the individual whose knowledge or skills are superior to all others. This individual is perceived by an individual or group as possessing a stock of knowledge or skills that is more comprehensive than all other members of the group. If this is not the case than this person is not the expert.

But what about group think? We tend to seek out the individual who can provide everything we need. Such behavior is efficient both in terms of our own time and the time of the group. Is this not faulted though? Collaboration has been shown to inspire a greater level of understanding and learning by all involved. Here’s my proof.

Based on this foundation are we not better served to vanquish our notions of genius and expert? Are we not better prepared to tackle the problems we face not by seeking out an individual to answer questions/ complete tasks. The better behavioral choice is to gather the group together and focus on the problem. A group of minds that can drill down on a problem will not on work together to solve the issue, but also develop a frame of critical thinking from which future problems can be solved and perhaps prevented.

The need and focus for an expert is a dangerous precedent in human behavior. While efficient and logical this choice functions only for a fast fix and delays learning. A better choice is to focus on group function. Let us vanquish the term of expert and genius. Instead of running to them for answers let us demand they join the group and teach the skills to better understandings.

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  1. deadvocate
    June 6, 2010 at 2:15 PM

    >Instead of running to them for answers let us demand they join the group and teach the skills to better understandings.

    1. How would you enforce your demands of the genius and expert?
    2. Is not a ‘group of minds’ merely a larger size genius/expert?


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