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The New Warrior

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Who is to know when a bomb explodes inside a shopping mall? Who beyond those unfortunate souls stumbling at the wrong place at the wrong time? Such a moment rich in tragedy is ultimately the memory of a global blend of eyes who through our extensive media network view these experiences from an extensive variety of perspectives. In today’s world the localized tragedy is a moment rich in news potential which, if packaged for consumption, extends beyond the physical locality and blooms into a globally witnessed moment.

Our network of media provides a viewpoint to the world. Through our technological devices we gaze outward to the world and sponge the moments of our world. This is a good thing; of course, but one result is the shared awareness of this networks power which creates a system which celebrates big moments and creates a forum in which the sources of major disasters can have an affect on the hearts and minds of those beyond the physical location of the event. The extensive media network allows those who aim to “make a statement” to transcend the physical realm. Our media is a bittersweet production which has born a revolutionary system of both of awareness and of action.

Of the most valuable tools to a warrior, the media is now positioned as the most important. No longer is a bomb of bullet’s pathway the device of destruction. It is the global media coverage that spawns the reaction that the new warrior needs. Now a bomb blast is followed by a group claiming responsibility- an act of absurd required bragging used to establish the actor’s existence inside the global media. Without our global media network these events remain constrained inside the local realm. It is through our media coverage that these events and actors reach transcension and reach a level of global influence.

Ultimately the new warrior has only minor uses for devices which cause physical damage. These items are the minor means to and end which create the fervor to garner the media’s attention. Though their bombs create pain and suffering, establish a hell-on-earth scenario for the surrounding location of the act, the strongest blast comes only when the cameras roll and reporters spread news of the action far beyond the crater in the pavement.

Such a system provides an easy opportunity to control actors who aim to earn “big influence” through the use of smaller scaled actions. These are not figures using deadly force to kill thousands or eliminate regions; instead, these figures do damage on the local scale. Though both deadly, the “smaller scale” actions are wholly dependent on media coverage to achieve the intended goals of fear and influence.

A resolution to global terror? Perhaps just minor, but one major reduction in clout is to eliminate the media coverage of the actions of terrorists. Extensive coverage only serves to establish awareness and influence. Reports must be created but must we include the names of groups? Do we need to explain the rich history and network from which our band of extremists harkens? Let us change our ways and instead use anonymous reports that use “an extremist from X country” or members of an extremist group,” such systems while vague eliminate the creation of awareness that only serves to establish these groups power. After all, how do we know of Osama bin Laden? Is not our awareness only a recognition of the media coverage he has been given? Instead let’s deny him and figures like him the attention that our media provides. If, as adults who respond to an attention-demanding child, we choose to deny our attention and refuse to fall into the trap laid before us, we teach the lesson of awareness which, though ironic, proves us even more focused.


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