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The Vibrant Hippo

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Fears of America’s inability to “change course” are often cited as common international worries for global power players. China worries that our massive debt will go unpaid. In the Middle East we see the dual sides of doubt: Afghanistan squanders progress in light of fears we’ll leave and Iran stands by to fill the vacuum if we do. Beyond these hot spots there are the silent witnesses who look to America as a tarnished symbol of hope and prosperity. Ultimately the net effect of such doubt is a multitude of considerations. Are these fears off-base? No, I would argue that they are very real and very accurate musings on future American action and inaction. Unfortunately for America there are no hidden dimensions in a society where media establishes a culture of constant awareness there remains little beyond the considerations of the world at large. Our media reveals us and lifting off the sheet we find our society as an over-bearing beast.

During the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama used the simile of a massive sea vessel to describe society. He linked the ship of state with a titanic like vessel whose alterations of course came with great effort but barely perceptible changes in position. It was the long course that revealed the alterations and only after time progressed do we see the success or failure of social change.

If such a system is the case we face a major challenge in the global economy. America’s inability to react instantly will establish its role in the world as a vibrant hippo whose sole source of power is in mass. Adept and speedy, China will rule the future by adjusting production to meet global needs. Of course China’s industrial focus comes at the cost of disregarding human rights and the values of society- this has been discussed in earlier posts on social good versus social progress. Despite the fact that we are unable to make drastic change, we should not move to imitate China’s focus on production. A better system of adjustment treats our current form as a bonsai tree and carefully snips away items to achieve a system of balance and beauty.

As our vibrant hippo enters into a competition rich savanna we are capable of changing a select cluster of factors. China will be faster and expanding countries of Latin America will constantly establish themselves as a threat. We are in danger and with our current system only capable of utilizing our size to mount defense and scrounge for new resources. Success will come from R&D and seeking out the products and solutions beyond the reach of our competition. Despite our faults we must battle with a passion (contradictory to the common behavior of countries our size). A failure to do so will lead only to disaster, but if quality choices are made the vibrant hippo can maintain its power status and lead the World into a new era of human success.

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