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Beware A Bubble World

November 9, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The greatest danger that befalls the successful is a turning inwards and a disregard for outside perspectives. To some, a victory is a confirmation of perspective: I have majority of votes, a profit or critical praise. Such a notion is correct but bittersweet. If a politician turns away from the media and the public and “sets to work” he runs the danger of entering a bubble. Likewise, an artist who seeks to create an original creation may choose to avoid items that hold the potential to influence. He or she will look away from the network of inspiration. Success may come, inspiration may blossom but the connection to the society which established the roots of inspiration have been lost.

One must always maintain ties to the roots of inspiration. We strive to be original, to find a path to own own sense of the glory that awaits us. Perhaps it is a human move to dig down for greater focus. Be aware that closing eyes and ears is risky. Maintain the critical connections or face the horrors of returning to a world that has evolved.

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