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Knowledge Needed Known

December 14, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

If cursed into some quandary where one could master only a single skill, only the ability to think critically would be worthy of selection. As a core skill, it is the ability to think critically that forms the most solid of foundations on which to build a contemporary citizen and human. A critical thinker possesses both defensive and offensive tools to serve as both protective barrier and weapon cadre from which to defend and attack throughout a life. It is, for all intents and purposes, the only skill we need.

Wash my mind of all mathematics, let me pores bleed out the classic texts and notions that have filled my years in school. Cleansed of these what damage can befall me? I am ignorant yes, but still capable of avoiding or diverting the responsibilities that could require use of these skills. Though critical, one could very easily move from day to day and disregard the great literature and mathematics that exists as crucial guideposts for our society.

Removed instead of critical thinking, the individual faces a far more dangerous path of life. Blind to bad advice, ignorant of the misdeeds and grizzly passions, the individual stripped of critical thinking can only waver in response to the forces of the world at large. Our critical thinking brains provide a focus, guide our motions and fend off the threats which crave to breed distraction. Critical thinking is the only skill we need- anything else is simply frosting on the cake of critical mind.

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