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Learning and Knowledge Analytics 2011 (LAK11)

January 8, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve decided to follow along with the open online course Learning and Knowledge Analytics (LAK11). I had some minor exposure to this format of learning and the work of Steven Downes and find the classes to be fascinating examples of the cutting edge in online learning. Beyond just the comprehensive scope of the tech, participants and topics, there is a certain sense that what occurs in these classes is less about the content and more about pushing the possibilities of online learning.

The collective power of the open online course is truly a testament to the potential of asynchronous learning. The evolution away from an industrialized society in which education followed a set time schedule is now readily apparent to most citizens. Despite these changes, though, we still see a common expectation that some form of schedule, albeit fuzzy, should exist for learning. It seems like an expectation for daily exposure is required as if daily participation proves one’s dedication and interest in a topic. In this sense we have not yet fully evolved into the asynchronous system. However it is the open online course that truly breaks from this tradition and reminds us that learning on our schedule is not only more logical but more effective in today’s society.

I’m looking forward to digging in with LAK11. As with my other experience in open online learning the task of transferring enthusiasm to course participation comes in varied formats. This blog will likely be the major, if not primary, form of reflection. The introductory slide show uses the phrase “skim and dive” to suggest student participation plans. I intend to follow this format of learning and look forward to exploring this ever evolving topic in an ever evolving format.

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