Authority and Chaos

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The level of chaos created by one’s absence is an excellent measure of importance.

Stay away from one’s responsibilities and take stock of how the system copes. How quickly does chaos set in? One’s authority is often a recognition of this power and; likewise, one’s ability to maintain control and avoid this chaos. One gifts authority on those considered capable of maintaining stability in the system.

It is in our ability to control a system that we both earn and expand our authority. An initial provision of authority comes with oversight from others and a limited ability to interact with the system. Protectionism reigns at the early stages as those who hold control reluctantly grant access to those just entering the fold. This makes sense and, as the new actor performs satisfactorily, access and authority will gradually shift to new blood. Transitions are difficult but strong systems are stocked with multiple levels of control. Stifle variation and one can significantly reduce potential chaos.

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