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The Noblest of Functions

Technology provides us with many benefits. If one was to consider each provision and rank them according to benefit, the role of security would certainly be the highest. Technology does many things; it entertains and distracts, it makes life easier and more efficient, but it also can make us safer and protect us from the hazards of daily life. When tech does this it becomes something more than a supplement to life; it becomes a viable tool for daily life.

“Safety Technology” comes in two major forms differentiated on the basis of human interaction. A cell phone fits into one category of safety technology that requires the human being to carry the device. These tools are in a state of waiting and need only human input to perform their function. The role of these devices is utility on demand- a function stemming only from a moment when the user reaches out to utilize the device. Use here is intentional and clearly defined.

The other category of tech includes devices that function without human intention. Included here are safety belts and security systems. These tools function without human input and, as is the case with the security system, are designed to perform without the awareness of a user. The security system is designed to work in secret and to function beyond the level of awareness of some users. The safety belt is similar in that its role is one of automatic response despite human desire.

Technology has many roles but its most important is the role of protector. Some are critical of technology’s heavy exposure to daily human life. While some caution is warranted, technology that makes users safer and secure is a worthy and noble calling for all devices. In our tech we trust and when functioning to make us safe we should recognize the great value therein.

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