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Relative Experiences

Though we often design experiences to be individual in nature, we can never avoid the outside influences that force us to recalibrate our perceptions. We crave the private moment, in many cases actually strive to find a place or a moment in which we can focus on a personal need. Do these places really exist? No human being can truly be alone.

Notions of a “private space” grow increasingly delusional as devices and expectations more tightly bind the world with every waking moment. A constant need to function in a state of awareness creates a situation in which the individual cannot break away. Once we give into the desire to be constantly aware there comes a refusal to break away and with it the inability to alter course and hide away in the private space.

Try as we might, ventures into potential private spaces create moments of disappointment. A walk in the woods designed to allow for reflection becomes a moment of public performance as we find others with similar desires. One may be quick to compare his or her experiences with these common peace seekers. Suddenly the afternoon walk is a sign of inherent laziness as others jog and bike by at an increased intensity.

All experiences are relative when a private space does not exist. When the private space has been eliminated the individual must function in a constant state of comparison. How do I relate to another performing a similar behavior at this similar time and location? When one considers his or her relation in comparison to the rest of the world a state of confusion may reign. The private space should be protected but for many the desire for constant awareness may lead to the elimination of this crucial human escape.

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