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On Being Too Close

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment

There is a hazard to getting to close to an idea. Much passion may feel like the right response for the moment. We often want something so much that we can’t help but get closer, work harder and stark ever more soundly. For many there is a sense of progress in this dialing in of focus wherein everything but the desired item blurs and trails off. This might feel good but greater power lies in distance and the broader sense of context. In fact, great power comes in not caring at all.

Good fortune often strikes those who least see it coming. Though most things are random and all things we desire are controlled by other agents (hence our desire),there remains a great power in being open to new experiences. Staying loose allows one to respond to this variety. Often our deep desire is translated into a need for control and the false sense that if we focus more we can attain it. Of course we cannot and this tighter focus only serves to remove us from the capability to catch a random perk. There is great hazard in tightening down- stay loose, stay open.

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