Nostalgia Beans

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

In periods of transition, a sense of losing control often sends one backwards to times of comfort and stability. Imposed on by some new force, we seek out remnants from times before new violations: longing to experience the past via its meals and gems of culture. For most, childhood is the most comfortable period of life and therein we find a wealth of meals, movies and moments to re-explore. Such backwards movements are often less about our modern self and more about reconnecting with the happy self of the past. We find that in being forced to change we are losing sense of who we were or wanted to be. In a back to basics move we trace our roots to times of comfort in desperate hope to find a medicine to our ills.

In times of national struggle does an entire society utilize these mental adventures? Are thousands of individuals rejecting the moment for the past and dreaming backwards? It is easy to trace the cause and effect relationship of the nostalgia drive. Those who exist in the present and whose role in the world is to supply pleasure cherry pick from the past and grow new cultural products closely linked to old forms. Perhaps more grafting than re-seeding, this process of creating “new” material largely inspired by previous creations suits viewers whose reluctance for the new or plain desire for what came before leaves little in the way of new content. Never mind new ideas- rehash the old, change the cover and remind me why I liked it tenĀ  years ago. We don’t want new, we want quality and who cares if its just rehash. After all, a laugh is a laugh.

At a high enough level it is plain that there are no new ideas in culture. Boil down all pieces of culture considered valuable and honesty is the key quality. Any work of art that connects with a human being has succeeded in its single goal. Art exists to connect, it is an extension from one human being to another. Abstract art may mock or toy with this procedure but ultimately such games are designed to connect via violation, striving to say “let’s toy with this device and connect in our consideration of my violation.” Art is an avenue of communication.

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