So False So Look Away

Pundits speak in hyperbole. False claims, exaggerated facts and the convenient “error of fundamental attribution” make Sunday morning politi-shows less viable sources of info and more media circus. Watch closely and you’ll see pundits smashing pundits as their bumper car claims directly clash with each other. For some, it’s all too much. The tiny stage becomes so cluttered with fakery that the weaker panelists start to reveal their insincerity via physical ducks and dives.

Note the pundit who looks away, whose face can’t bear the stream of b.s. emanating from a proximal pundit. It’s a funny site to see: one individual grinning and chin diving as a statement is delivered. These moments are our tiny glimpses into the circus as it happens- pay close attention and your suspicions of the game are confirmed. These are critical moments: the only time when a viewer can cast away doubts that the show is “real reality” and not the swath of silliness that it is. With the break down of the pundit we find safe harbor for sanity.

Watch closely for the signs of truth disclosed: diving chins, rising grins, or, perhaps most common, a soft laughter and bobbing body as another pundit speaks. Delivered as reactions, these unintended moves communicate the true message: the hidden beliefs of the speaker and inherent sense of truth being felt by each and every viewer. Break character on Sunday pundit TV and help us understand how fake the show is. Break down and show me that its all a big game, that all of the words being sewn together are just as I suspect: a blanket of filth. I think the cloth is lousy but its hard to tell sometimes. The pundits want to sew the cloth together and try their best, but, for our sake, no matter how great the effort their physical existence cannot allow such insanity to exist. While the pundit’s mind may work to cobble together new realities, their physical existence refuses the act and breaks down. Let’s pause and be thankful for unintended movements and the gentle kiss of twitchy signs of truth.

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