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Consumptive Challenges

Work a shift anywhere outside a home office and one’s biology will certainly grow assertive. Stomach pangs and scratches of a dry throat prove increasingly annoying as the shift progress. To snack or not to snack? What to eat as those small reminders of life start to peck away at our attention?

A quick tour of one’s grocery store reveals a vast variety of options. Fresh food? Maybe, but will it spoil? How much time do we have to prepare our food? It’s silly to squander our sixty minute lunch break with forty-five minutes of prep?  interesting assumption many workers automatically establish is the presence of a microwave. Propped atop a counter, this box of radioactive power simplifies the work place meal question.

Given the microwave the frozen entree becomes king and daily ration for most. Tear away the

cover, punch in the time and watch lunch spin its way to completion. They aren’t perfect but they’re cheap and easy- the two most important factors in work place feeding and reason why so many choose frozen when planning out their meal. But are these items the only option? What does
Display a choice away from the frozen entree and reveal a preference of something other. Is it a diet? A sense of more exquisite taste? As with all decisions to break away from popular behavior, a decision to be different leads to assumption. one venture in selecting a non-frozen entree for work place food? Preparing one’s food at work becomes dramatic on multiple scales: assert yourself by not microwaving a frozen box and become an exception.


The meal is the most intimate moment of the work place. Selecting, preparing and enjoying food create moments of dramatic personal display. We reveal much in eating and given the controlled environment of the work place, our behaviors during lunch hour become revelations. We may hide our true selves, play it safe all day or even act as completely different people at work. No matter how hard we try all is naught when we eat: at lunch we reveal just who we are.

Maybe this is why frozen entrees are so popular with workers? Beyond ease and variety, these tiny frozen boxes deny glimpses into who we really are. Protect your real preference and stay safe. Stay hidden with your frozen lunch and fight back biology. Wait safely for home when the true self can exist and, placing fork to mouth, safe revelry can occur and the true self comes alive with each and every bite.

preparation must be minimal- speed of creation is critical when a food item’s time of consumption is limited to a “lunch hour”. Out of these limitations the frozen entree is the ideal candidate for workplace meal: rapid preparation and flavor variety work to establish these tiny boxes as logical selections for workers.

The microwave seems to exist as an assumed component of fast-created food. ie the varied cadre of frozen entrees available on freezer shelves. Herein we find the ideal solution to work place hunger.

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