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Divorced of Form: “Real Politics”

Politics is not about policy. Politicians work not to resolve problems, but to avoid them. Does another industry exist so divorced from that material with it deals? Apply the “real politics” or the way that politics works in America to other industries and a humorous image appears.

The salesperson at the electronic store who avoids selling the TV or who completely disregards the existence of the TV is playing “real politics”. The grocer whose indifference to the rotting apples or whose disregard that apples are actually fruit and thereby best left to rot (that is if they existed) is playing “real politics”. Placed in a position to solve problems, politicians work to distance themselves from failure by avoidance. In the end, if you never make an attempt you can’t be blamed for failure.

The contemporary political scene is one defined by avoidance. Despite running to fix problems and gaining traction by proposing solutions that gain traction with the public, many politicians avoid problems and solutions once hired. Politics is divorced from solutions and the foundation of its very existence.

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