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From This I Introduce Myself

In the brief moment that defines an initial meeting, we select the details with which we introduce who we are. What terms will function to explain who we are? Ironically, this selection says less about who we; instead,it is their counter-details, the material we choose not to use, that say more about who we are and who we want the rest of the world to perceive.

One who enters a room and uses material possessions to express wealth and personal value is choosing to ignore a career. Professional life is secondary for someone whose polished appearance or possession of popular things is their focus. In these moments the person is saying “Look at these things I own” or “Look at how I dress myself” as a means of asking for reception. Will the audience sense value in this possession of objects? For some these items and means to connecting with others is sufficient while others need less distinct details to draw connections.

For some the professional life or aspirations are what define him or her. The student is prime example of this form: expressing not who they are or who they want to be; they express who they plan to be in the future. Often the current moment is insufficient to create the desired connection: the poor student likely perceives no reason to be taken seriously in his or her current state. Given this deficit it is the future or ideas of what the future holds that define who he or she is right now. These people live in a future state where the possibility of this future is in fact impossible to predict. These are the individuals who dwell within the future: a common place for students and those who aspire to more.

In our initial interactions with strangers we work to express who we are. Given a brief moment we must select the details from which we will be understood. Though beyond our control, these moments are brief revelations into who we are, who we plan to be and what it is that we see within ourselves. Do we have value and if so why and how? What are the items that define us as a person? In the snippets of introductions we can learn quite a bit about our own perspectives and, via the details we don’t select, what it is that matters least to us.

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