Claims of Insane

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If one claims to be “insane” as a means to reduce or avoid punishment, what are the means used to establish such a conclusion? In claiming one’s insanity, must one not use standards of sanity as a means of comparison? Herein like the paradox: claiming to be insane requires an awareness of the standards of sanity and, by virtue of possessing these standards, a state of at the very least an awareness of standards of sanity.

If sanity is the means by which we judge one insane- i.e., an individual’s behavior differs from the standards of sanity, can we then conclude that awareness establishes sanity? Is insanity a choice? Truly one who is insane cannot understand the standards of sanity.

If one asserts to be insane we must assume that he or she has evaluated his or her behavior in relation to sane behaviors. Upon this reflection he or she has found the behavior to differ from standards of sanity. This process of reflection and conclusion reveal a state of sane brain functioning and reveal not the status of insanity but rather faulty reasoning.

This is not to disregard claims of insanity. Instead, I aim to suggest that claims of an individual to be insane are impossible. One who is truly insane is unable to make these claims accurately. Only when a status of insanity is demonstrated by an outside source can we truly consider the validity of the claim. The truly insane are unable to reason correctly and, if in claiming to be insane, demonstrating a level of sane brain functioning.

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