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What Means of This Connection

November 23, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

While billions view American films and hear American music, few will actually step foot on American shores. As a result, America is an image or concept less communicated by its leaders and more by its artistic dynamos. Are our leaders elected or selected? Hollywood heroes or political dynamos?

Films cast a sense of America to international viewers that remains contrasted only by military action. Few features of American life venture beyond national shores and while a President may make occasional trips to international locations, the real connection with America comes via media.

Consider the connection America has with the Middle East. How is this relationship defined? Does a religious leader who stifles American culture’s present in his or her country work to deny a greater sense of American life? Does the demonization of America begin not with rhetoric but a denial of its culture? Control how the population comes to make sense of something and the concept remains controlled.

One can quickly consider the perception of America in relation to the expanse of culture allowed to reach international citizens. In countries where American culture can communicate images and concepts the perception of America remains positive. American diplomacy is best suited by exposure to American culture via media and active diplomats should work first to allow American culture to exist in foreign countries.

Can we ease global tension with our movies? Perhaps this is a stretch but an initial action that uses media to convey American people and concepts takes a powerful step towards suggesting who we are and what we stand for. Before diplomats and soldiers send the movies and the tunes. Wars may be won or lost on the battlefield but we may just stop them by our movie stars and music acts.

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