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The Bigger Sorts of Gifts

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Holidays cheapen our love by creating a single day where we can prove our claims of love. Instead of an expression spread the year round, the holiday becomes a love banquet, a virtual battle ground of emotion where big expressions mean real emotion and capital expenditure of effort translates to real love. Is it genuine? Perhaps, but for those whose remaining 364 days in the year are far less romantic or even void of expressions of love these days become cheap and sad.

Holidays provide us with opportunities for big expressions. We buy a huge gift and work tirelessly to express our appreciation for someone we love. Gifts and actions are designed to translate as “I love you” or “I appreciate you”, but what of the rest of the year? Do these holidays function as our cannonball of love where we express our love on one day and allow ourselves the other 364 days to remain inexpressive?

Holidays become inverted when expressions are so large they beg the question of sincerity. Often the biggest efforts come from those whose failures throughout the year seem to demand a big expression. In essence the holiday becomes for the callous or indifferent a one-stop shop for expressing an emotion. In this one-act play of love the actor takes the stage, plays the part and recedes back to indifference.

For many a holiday is a saving grace: play the part. Bad actors redeem themselves with big gifts and find a culturally acceptable arena where love is equal to expenditure and big efforts of purchases mean love. Distorted as it is we must remain cautious and aware of a gift giver’s intent. How real is the expression? To avoid a cheapening of the holiday we must filter both ourselves and those who give us gifts. Accepting an insincere gift is as much a crime as giving one. For no matter how bad or cynical the performance it only achieves its goal with an audience who accepts the message. Rejection is key and the insistent assertion of an expectation of genuine love during the entire year is the only way to make all holidays true and one’s daily existence worth dedicating to another.

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