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What Beautiful Rocks

December 31, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Give a child the most beautiful rock. “Break it, save it, draw it or stack it, it’s up to you.” Given these options we see so much- does the child who cracks the rock in half reveal a scientist in development? Does the child who sets to sketching the rock or scribing lines of verse describing its beauty suggest the future artist? Much of how we relate to things of beauty reveal who we are inside. We seek answers to the sources of our wonderment that extend to who we become and what we pursue in life. In essence, many of the skills we use to make sense of the world as children run through adulthood and inform our adult lives.

Wonder is an amazing emotion. At once certainty and confusion, the emotion is a state of an awareness of beauty and yet a recognition that the source of such strong emotion remains unknown. We seek answers to this state in order to make sense of this power and perhaps identify some powerful ingredient. Do we seek to trace these ingredients so we can seek them out in other places? Some seek spirituality in nature and regularly make trips to far-off destinations. Some enjoy food and spend thousands each year in search of a great meal. We experience something once, enjoy it, and make it a point to trace and hunt for it again.

With our reaction to an item of beauty we can learn much about who we are. Do we break the rock? Do we save it for display or seek to trace its core components? In the end we learn we are by how we answer our sense of wonderment. In tracing out our “Wow” we find both threads of who we are and the means by which we work to make sense of our surprises.

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