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New Tech is New Relations

January 2, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Does technology create new forms of relationships? With the evolution of communication technologies we gain new ways of connecting with others. Relationships can now be solely via e-mail. While most technologies are deployed to supplement face-to-face relationships what can be said of those created since technology was developed? How do these new relationships suggest for us the power that communication technology can have on our relationships?

In cases where relationships were created online a greater dependence on communication technology is possible. Relationships that begin online must either evolve away from the platform or expand to fully embrace available technologies. Do these relationships evolve just as face-to-face relationships? I would argue that they do, but depend more so on the technologies that exist online. Just as face-to-face relationships expand to include new activities and behaviors, relationships that begin online and remain there must gather in new technologies and methods of communication that allow the relationship to develop.

More interesting is the process of incorporating technology into relationships. With a movement towards technology an opportunity for distance emerges. We suddenly become capable of having a relationship without face-to-face limitations. Geography and time no longer matter with technology. Herein lies a major choice for those in the relationship. Does one strive to maintain the levels of face-to-face communication or depend instead on technology. At the very least a different relationship will emerge but does one choose to take advantage of these new terms. Perhaps one might learn to prefer communicating via technology and eliminate the face-to-face component of the relationship. Does one prefer the added distance? Is the ability to communicate via technology better than when face-to-face? These new issues stem from greater use of communication technologies and will only increase as both the complexity and popular use evolve.

It is certain that communication technology has changed the ways human relationships exist. Technology gives on the choice of expanding or contracting be it in terms of place and time. How does one want to apply technology to human relations?

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