Languages of Place

Distinct locations have their own languages and laws. Speaking to a friend, one might refer to an item using a funny turn-of-phrase. What began as a verbal flub can quickly be converted to an accepted way of referring to something. Likewise a blend of language can develop or a habit or speaking can be adapted and celebrated. Quickly these unique features become a means to bond with another- a minor and yet powerful way in which one’s link to another person become more firm. What better way to connect with a person that speak a unique language? Locked into each other with phrases, terms and habits unique to only the group, a dynamic of immense power becomes common.

Language bonds us to people and places. We speak in unique ways in certain locations. Ever formal in a restaurant or always casual in another- place has impact. Are we spending time with family? We may censor ourselves and avoid the use of vulgar words. We are capable of tailoring our language to the moment and the person.

When we find ourselves bonding with another person we often find a new way of speaking. Language adapts and develops with relationships. As we grow closer to another person so to does our method of speaking. We develop new terms, mimic certain tones and gradually mesh our speaking habits to those of another. Seen in this sense love’s bonds extend beyond emotion and branch ever further into our souls as it alters who we are as both communicators and thinkers.

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