The Ultimate Absurdity

Pornography is the ultimate absurdest art. Private becomes public as content is created to simulate a creative act.

Absurdest art focuses on the actions of characters existing in a world without meaning. Characters within these narratives act without purpose because their actions have no purpose. Life is void of meaning and in such a world, actions take place without context. There is no meaning for doing something when no justification or need exists. In essence life is a game of chasing one’s tail until death. Why act when no result will follow? All of life is folly.

Pornography is the ultimate absurdest art. Actors within these films exhibit an intimate action for the purpose of explicit display. Actors here make explicit what is intimate and private becomes public. Pornography is understood as material containing actions determined to be private. Oddly the very components of pornography, the human organs and actions, are referred to as “privates”. In naming such items as “private” we indicate their relation to the world (they are not meant for show). Does a violation of these categorization give way to excitement? Is one aspect of pornography’s draw the fact that social rules are violated?

Nudity is the least common denominator of entertainment. If the basest goal of entertainment is to excite then the most basic spark is the naked human form. Ironically what excites us the most is that which is most common. We all possess a human body and can very easily view it in the naked form. While variations do exist, the common human form is the most common component of pornography. We are jolted by the very thing we possess and can most readily observe.

When a pornographic film is displayed in public a meta-swill of context is born: the private made public becomes public and private. If viewed in darkened rooms of theaters, a private moment made public enters a new realm of privacy. Here the individual views another’s private moment of privacy in public. Does this viewer claim his right to view the private made public in private? Dare we censor such displays? Maybe the cycle completes here: private made public returns to privacy. You can have your dirty movie but keep it in your own home. We often argue that “what goes on behind close doors is none of our business.” Pornography makes these private acts its business and draws much of its power from this violation. Private made public for your own private viewing.

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