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Pattern Makers Making Patterns

Both the genius and the lunatic find patterns in disparate details. The molecules which could be combined, the facts that might be suggestive of something more- as yet disconnected and yet waiting for the glue. This game of possible discovery is a dangerous game of risk. Does a mind which seeks these patterns risk losing touch with reality?

In many cases a pattern may be present and yet meaningless. If a random string of digits has a pattern does it mean something more? The mind must consider and find these patterns. Both lunatic and genius may find a connection, but what differentiates a great discovery from a crack-pot theory? Does the application of a discovery determine its worth?

Often the lunatic’s search for patterns dips into conspiracy and paranoia. Perhaps these flights of fancy can be expected. Complicated entities like companies and governments perplex us with their complexity. We cannot know all of the details, but does that mean a secret lurks inside? Does the fact that something remains unknown suggest significance? For some, the mere feature of being hidden suggests conspiracy. For some minds the only acceptable world is one of complete transparency and illumination. Herein lies the blinding world that distinguishes the lunatic from the genius.

Where the genius knows a limitation and focuses on certain details, the lunatic demands clarity for all items and grows weary of the unknown. Genius knows its limitations and embraces its power with caution. The lunatic greets power with unbridled enthusiasm and passion. Lunacy knows to run the engine cool- insanity runs it to the brink and often blows to bits in fire.

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