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Authoritative Text Be Damned

April 7, 2013 Leave a comment

One can never trust an authority whose opinions derive from authoritative texts. Trust not a book, but logic and good reason. No, you won’t feel so secure, but your ancient book is farthest from the better guide. To think deeply means to abandon “text obsession” and function as an individual wavering in the world. Ancient texts tether us to history and provide ideas of what was done in the past but where is the value here? How can one justify today’s actions simply on the basis of yesterday’s attempts? Might not today’s conundrums stem from past mistakes? Let us unshackle history and function here and now- ever living in the moment.

If one refuses to consider alternative ways of thinking a dangerous state has been created. Rejecting an alternative to thinking symbolizes a rejection of potential solutions and an acceptance of conundrum and pain. In some cases such rejection actually creates pain and suffering as a “textual obsession” guides one to create unfair laws and policies.

Bad perspective grows worse with a rejection of new thinking. A stagnant brain remains in ignorance and denies growth. Turn in ward with your text and perhaps feel more secure. Maybe the mental subscription to ancient texts seems secure, but in reality it is a rejection of the now. Contemporary society demands contemporary thinking. Fact action is the only way to solve the problems we face daily. The need for rules remains, but in seeking out ancient texts one appeals less to reason and more to perceived authority. “If your book said to keep X from Y, would you?” Of course they do, but why. Why is the question we all need to ask.

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