Insistence Unforgetting

To commemorate is to call back to memory trauma of the past. We commemorate to not forget, to battle memory’s passing and bind more tightly our experience with our memory. Do we commemorate to honor? Do we show respect in reliving our tragedies? From year to year we return again to guilt and fault. We turn again to follies and tragedies in hopes of what? Do we honor or learn from these actions?

One wonders whether every day could be filled with actions of nostalgia and while useful one wonders whether a greater folly is taking place. As with many human conundrums, time heals all and through the passage of years we evolve to different views. Wisdom comes slowly and our experiences provide us with different perspectives. We are learning creatures: never perfect and never made complete. Herein lies the key- recognition of imperfection and the need to turn away from commemoration. We learn little in reliving our past and work against our own evolution. Escape the muck of evil thinking and look ahead.

Though history has great value, one must distinguish between history and commemoration. The key is tone and intention. History is objective record, a presentation of facts and the details surrounding those who acted in that time. Commemoration largely discards these details and considers ancient figures in the terms of today. We compare those of the past with our beliefs of today. Of course they will look different. Discarding human learning and the natural process of cultural evolution eliminates a legitimate intellectual action. What we can learn from the past does not come from subjective perspective.

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