To the Finer Things in Life

Is a life of minor pleasures the greatest source of value? How might “Mother’s Little Helper” be less an occasional escape and more a necessity to exist? If one was to be deprived of such things would disaster strike? How might a reduction or elimination of seemingly minor pleasures give way to major problems?

Are human beings distorted with a delusional expectation that life will be enjoyable? Tasked with battling to survive, our ancestors filled their days with tasks designed to insure their survival. In essence, the now was applied to insure the future. Did our ancestors care for the past? Does history matter when the future remains in question and a moment of the now lies utilized for something other than survival?

Contemporary society is one of plenitude. One can gather food without leaving a motorized vehicle. The consequences of these luxuries appear on the very vehicles which benefit the most. Bodies designed to fight for survival now function in a world of significantly less challenge and hazard.

Despite such benefits we toil on the purpose of existence. Now with everything we sense nothing and wonder how best to function in a world. What purpose does a life have if we simply toil to consume and consume to toil? Consumerism is seen by some as both disease and cure. Exist to consume or consume to exist, we understand far less with the more we possess. Perhaps the greatest irony of human existence comes at this achievement of plenitude: with all we have nothing and only in a position of lack, and a pursuit to fulfill needs do we gain purpose. In a sense we are best served by a state of disorder.

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