The Bad Touch

Representation often means connection. We elect figures to represent us in government; effectively nominating them as symbols for us. For some these representations are pleasing. Was the winner who we voted for? Often this is not the case and despite our best intentions we are forced to accept a different symbol. In a system of such binary choices this can often be a challenge- suddenly the figure whose character we questioned deeply becomes not the villain but a symbol for ourselves.

Do some adjust with ease or do others react with violence? How might the election of a drastically different symbol affect one’s reaction? For example, how might an individual react when a candidate directly opposed to his/her view gains power? Can a racist come to accept symbolic representation by a different race? How might one who is disgusted by homosexuality come to terms with a homosexual representative?

In some cases an adjustment can be made. Though difficult and challenging one must come to terms with an election. Though we vote with best intentions our desires go unfounded. No matter what results we are best served by a populace both aware of these conditions and willing to respond. Growing though we are, some must work harder than others to develop skills to compromise. Learn to adjust or face a greater crisis.

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