Replicating Symbol Souls

Public figures deemed celebrities often shed humanity and take on symbolic significance. Today’s celebrity is never a flesh-and-bone human being. Never do we hear of physical illnesses or the actual details of a celebrity’s life. Instead it is only in the dramatic physical failures: the tabloid wrought tales of debauchery and rehab induced recovery that follows afterwards.

In giving birth the symbol becomes a vector for another human form. Our sign creates another who both illustrates and alters the creator. The celebrity mother transacts with the new-born child to make another symbol. A symbol makes a symbol.

Since celebrities exist on the basis of the media, it is this very force that promulgates the symbolic status from mother to child. Carried from the one to the other, this process of celebrity connection via biological connection adds a new layer to the reproduction process. Does the birth alter the symbol to suggest a more humble form whose need to reproduce like “the rest of us” advance the ability to relate to the figure? Some celebrities seem determined to re-establish their distance by using strange names. The unique baby name functions both to establish a unique identity and variable existence.

In giving the birth the celebrity advances his or her existence on both symbolic and biologic fields. Birthing like the general public might suggest commonality and increase understanding but many seem obsessed with adding distance. The use of strange names and the provision of extraordinary benefits works to re-establish the celebrity status for the celebrity mother. Via her indulgence she establishes again her latent differences and suggests to all who view her that indeed she’s something different.

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